Folks today I’m telling you about the DLC on Killing Floor. The medic pack is good to have, as is the sharpshooter, which is the strongest with the pistols and rifles. The golden hand cannon is basically for show and in my opinion a waste of money , but fun to have.

The rockets glitch out, the grenades are garbage and only once in a while work. I love the game but the DLC is a basic waste of time unless you like throwing your money down the drain, The zombies die basically the same way that they would if you would use regular ammunition from a pistol. The only difference is the color and name. In the most part the art work is awesome and all together fun to play.

Killing Zone

Now as for the costume and the  different zombie packs, it is entirely up to you to decide . The new zombie skins are pretty cool and the packs that add new player features like who you are, I cant really say because I don’t honestly care about what my character looks as a whole I like the play in game action. And the heads blowing off is always exceptionally exciting and amusing. The bull pup is fun but the shot gun is really fun. As for what this whole game is about the zombies are trying to kill you and you must protect your self from mutilation. Thank you for a fun time and a blast – literally.

– Will

Chicken Boom, this artistic form of death to the aviary creatures of stank, is probably the funniest game I’ve played in years, if only for the fact that this game basically requires no mental effort, only hand/eye coordination and common sense.

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The newest game by the staff of and, Party Ball is a fun game for the whole family. Its a rolling good time , the best part of this game is everything, the good times just keep rolling in. A wide variety of levels music and all around fun  to gain points and beat your friends score. Roll over soda cups, pick up extra lives, get a high score and get bonus lives. Share your score with friends and family to beat them at the game for contest prizes and join us in the fun.. The game is due to be released on November 1st so hurry in and pick up this game and enjoy the party.

– Will

Today’s exceptional match was between Will and Bud on the unethical Unreal Tournament. Will as usual killing everything in sight with Bud not far behind with numerous slaughters on his hands as well. Will has the lead but death follows him close behind with a massive K.O. record. Will decides it’s time for his favorite game of the month (Dungeon Defenders). As usual Bud is reluctant for this but it’s ok (or so Will tells him). They tried a new level and fought bravely, nearly dying. All in all it was a good time.


The best results of the mining operation, more money more power, more devastating operations… personally I think mining is the best way for results mainly because fighting we lose the stuff that took a very long time to mine and you don’t really have too much of an option when it comes to the battle field as a miner.

– Will

Just an off-day heads up: Today we improved our new Chaos is Gaming TV with a bigger, brighter picture and Video on Demand. Check it out!

Update! Heads up everyone – the day for our fireworks special has been changed. It’s now going down this Saturday, the 30th. Same times, so be there to see it.

This 4th of July we would be grateful if you would please join us in the festivities, @9:30 pm eastern standard time…. There are going to be some very controversial explosions but beautiful at worst… the theme that was projected from my mind to the inner most loving process (lighting fireworks). This year you should join us in a live feed video starting at 9:30 sharp. On Thursday there will be a video edited with commentary and music. This should prove to be a very colorful night for us all.

– Will