The new Atari and Sega retro consoles  have bonuses and not so much a bonus. The Atari has bout 76 games in the machine itself, most of which are fun but not really the original games so have several flaws and are considered a miss on their part. The Sega however has some good games built in, and you can place cartridges in the slot on top as on a regular Sega Genesis. The Atari can not do that, and plays only built in games. My opinion is that both are rip offs of the originals – hardly a comparison.

Speaking of comparisons, I am going to compare old and new games here on Chaos is Gaming, so come back often to read them.

– Will

Almost one year ago, Will and Bud attempted a challenge in Minecraft, to go to the nether, travel afar and make a safe journey home. Now, they are going to attempt a similar challenge, this time in a versus manner. They start at a singular point, type /spreadplayers to go 2500 blocks away from spawn and 1000 from each other, and attempt to race home. It’s the great Chaos is Gaming Minecraft Race, and it begins now.

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All Around Gaming Hub and Chaos is Gaming have jointly formed AAGH Games and released our first PC game, Party Ball. It is an arcade style puzzle game about rolling a beach ball through four worlds worth of levels, gathering cups of cola to progress. With 40+ challenging levels, it’s a fun diversion. You can pick it up for $1.99 and try it yourself here. We’d love to see your high scores!

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Floata and I run a Minecraft Let’s Play series on and recently passed our 40th episode! I know, hold your applause . You can catch up on what you missed on our series page, so there’s no reason not to become a fan now (if you aren’t already). We’re planning another episode tonight with new gimmicks and twists to keep everyone entertained, so be sure to follow our stream on Twitch to get notified of when we go live. Don’t miss another episode – you never know what we’ll get in to. See you there!

Well today we explore a game where Bud and I are out for blood. This high pack thriller is fun when with friends or just slaughtering on your own. We take a look at the beginning as we fly through the air in a missile-like thing. Then we go head on in to battle Excluding Bud who used his head and not just rely on pure dumb luck. As a recap we had plenty of tight spots which Bud had to rescue me from the terrible creatures of death that pushed on ward toward us, and promptly discovered the tactic “jump ‘n shoot'” which works fairly well and has its benefits cause when I jump n shoot he reloads and vice-verse.  This tactic in gaming does not always work well, and should be used at your own discretion. We have played many years together so this tactic works with us. Anyway, we won and the bastards that shot me were punished. Yay….



Rather than do the usual Chaos is Minecraft stream tonight, AA Gaming Hub and Chaos is Gaming go Imperial with a Star Wars Battlefront II special broadcast. The guys roughly play out points from the original trilogy through six matches, and learn that in the end, you don’t have to let the Wookiee win; he’ll do it anyway.

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For those of you who haven’t caught our live video series, Chaos is Minecraft, here’s a good way to catch up. The new Chaos is Minecraft page is live with summaries of each and every episode (all 22 so far) and links to all of our Chaos is Minecraft Quickies, short videos highlighting scenes from the longer episodes. Check it out and then follow us on Twitch to get notified of our latest adventures.

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