The newest game by the staff of and, Party Ball is a fun game for the whole family. Its a rolling good time , the best part of this game is everything, the good times just keep rolling in. A wide variety of levels music and all around fun  to gain points and beat your friends score. Roll over soda cups, pick up extra lives, get a high score and get bonus lives. Share your score with friends and family to beat them at the game for contest prizes and join us in the fun.. The game is due to be released on November 1st so hurry in and pick up this game and enjoy the party.

– Will

The newest games soon to be played will be Saints Row 4. We have a new schedule for CiM, it will be at 7 am and 11 pm on most weekdays . Thank you for you support.

Here at Chaos is Gaming we’ve been hosting a series of hour to hour and a half episodes of Bud and Will’s Minecraft on From this point on our show will start at 11 pm EST.

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Just an off-day heads up: Today we improved our new Chaos is Gaming TV with a bigger, brighter picture and Video on Demand. Check it out!

Here are our videos from our fireworks festivities.

Vid #1, from our live cast, filmed by Bud, narrated by Bud.

Vid #2, recorded by Will’s brother Andy on his computer.


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