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After reading about Hard Time on PC Gamer last weekend, we – or rather Bud – decided to try it.  We refuse to dignify it with a full article, loaded with pictures and snark. Instead, you get the one picture above which summarizes the experience. To quote Will, “This game sucks.” Truer words have ne’er been spoken. From screwed up ‘tank-style’ controls to broken combat to terrible design decisions, there’s nothing to enjoy here. Move along, folks.

It’s time for the guys to go to the stars. They go co-op in Artemis, a cooperative star ship bridge simulator. They picked up the demo, and with Will on weapons and Bud at the helm, they begin their quest to clear the cosmos.

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Bud and Will go to the NBA! Bud plays some NBA 2K12 with the guys starring on their hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Bud hates their current uniforms though so they’ll be showing off retro uniforms every game.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-54-17-47

Case in point: The old late ‘90s blue splash uniforms. Will’s on the right obviously, and Bud’s on the left. Will plays point guard and Bud pays shooting guard. He’s the 2-guard simply because he’s the taller of the two at 6’1”, but they’re both way undersized for their positions. Let’s get some highlights!

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mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-12-50-59

Today was a big day for Bud and Will and Chaos is Gaming: They took their Team Fortress 2 Thursday to the masses – and the masses responded with a vengeance.

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