Team Fortress 2

We’re at it again, folks! Team Fortress 2, on the Sawmill KOTH map. Will’s the sniper, with his dapper hat, and I’ve got the pyro again, with his goofy hat. This time I’m bringing Will along for the ride. God help us all.

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It’s DEFCON time! We hit up the Steam demo for now and head into the game. We do our usual team-up, of course. Do things go as planned? If you have to ask, you don’t know us well enough, man.


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It’s our first update! We’re working!

I’m Bud, and first up Will and I take on Team Fortress 2. I’m an old hand at the game but Will’s just been playing a few days. We’ll pick up first in our latest match, a private server King of the Hill match on Nucleus vs. some bots. Fun times! Will’s going to be throwing in an opinion here and there, I’m sure.


Here we are! I’m the pyro and he’s the heavy, which is effing ironic because in RL he’s a firebug and I’m… well, I’m heavy.


And we’re off!


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