Sometimes we have bad days. Here’s a clip of a bad game of for me, Bud, for Team Fortress Thursday.

On a personal note, the AI bot GLaDOS can go to hell.

The guys try to detonate an entire world of TNT in Minecraft but as is par for them, this quickly go awry.

Witness the guys play Unreal Tournament 2004’s Deathball mod, with some of the lamest voice-over work ever.

Hey folks, Bud here. Rather then compile a fancy replay of Will and I playing, this time all you get is a montage of a recent match from my perspective. Hope you like it.

Here’s our narrated vids of us playing TF2 against the bots, part of Team Fortress 2 Thursday here on Chaos is Gaming. Let us know if you want more of us blowing dem bots to bits!*




* Bots get blown to bits because we prefer to that to getting blown to bits. Catch our drift? When we get good enough, we’ll take our game to the masses. Stick around for that!