by powerrave

I have always been a big fan of Medabots (Medarot/メダロット is the original Japanese name) and I was extremely happy when I found out that there was going to be a Nintendo DS game of it after it had been dead for about 8 years, if not longer. I was hoping for it to be released worldwide, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. After a while, I decided to just get the games and play them in Japanese.

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It’s about time I reviewed my second handheld game, and Cooking Mama gets that distinction, a very off-beat, very Japanese game that tasks you with preparing dishes under the watchful eye of Cooking Mama. Who is this culinary genius? Well, some lady in a pink bandana and yellow apron, I guess – there’s no back story to tell why you’re learning under her. Is she supposed to be your – the player’s – Mama? This is never answered, and it’s bothered me endlessly. Continue reading