Years ago, Omegasim introduced me to Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PlayStation 2, and I’ve been a GTA junkie ever since. I often have way more fun just running amuck then I do completing missions. My favorite in the series, to date, was GTA: Vice City. I loved the atmosphere, the action, and the fun odd-ball personalities. San Andreas was great too, with it’s huge game world and massive customization, but it was too dark and brooding for my tastes. I feared that Rockstar would continue this trend with GTA4, but that’s not the case. GTA4 is a reinvention of the series for the next generation, and it’s now the best yet.

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I’ve not reviewed a baseball game here since MLB 2k6 on the PlayStation 2, although I’ve put time in with MVP Baseball 2k5 and MLB 2k7. I put this preface out there so you don’t think I’m coming into this cold. Yes, I’ve been to the ‘pen and I’m warmed up and ready to take the mound. Unfortunately, MLB 2k8 cannot say the same. It’s come out a little rusty and gets banged around some, but does manage to stay in the game. Ok, enough sports analogies; let’s get down to business. Continue reading

I, Alphasim, have personally only played the original Katamari Damacy and now this, Beautiful Katamari. I was going to have Betasim review this because she’s played – and beaten – all of the games in the series, but she’s being reclusive. So, I’m going to attempt to review this myself. Continue reading

NBA 2K8 is the best basketball sim I’ve ever played. With the countless personalized styles of different players, you’ll really feel like you’re playing with NBA stars. From unique dunks and shooting styles to the well-animated movements on the court, this is a great re-creation of the pro game. Now if it only looked as good as it plays, it might be the best basketball game of all time, but as is it’s still the best on the market today. Continue reading

When I reviewed Madden 08 for the PC, I said that I would be doing this review in the near future. Now, some several months later, I’ve finally got the review up. The review might not have been worth the wait, but the game itself is. This is everything the PC version should have been: The graphics are detailed and sharp, the Superstar mode has been tweaked, the sound has improvements and the weapons system is finally worth while. It’s hardly perfect, but it is the best football experience on the market today. Continue reading

In our inaugural Xbox 360 review, it would be wrong of me to be comparing titles on Microsoft’s new platform with last-gen systems, so I’ll just stick with what I can on the 360. And, I can say for sure, that I had a ton of fun with NCAA 08. It’s not perfect, but it’s the most fun I’ve had with a game since I finished Shivering Isles, and that’s saying allot. Continue reading