Time does fly, doesn’t it? It has been six months to the day since there has been a new article posted here on AAGH. Chaos is Gaming has seen a few updates in that time, but All Around Gaming Hub has sat, a still, idle monument, waiting to be reawakened. Today is that day. Arouse from your long summer slumber, AAGH – we have work to do.

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Do you watch Minecraft live streams on Twitch, wishing you could do one yourself but not having the time, patience or resources to install and configure a dedicated streaming program? Mojang rides to your rescue with their latest Minecraft snapshot, which includes integrated Twitch streaming.

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All Around Gaming Hub and Chaos is Gaming have jointly formed AAGH Games and released our first PC game, Party Ball. It is an arcade style puzzle game about rolling a beach ball through four worlds worth of levels, gathering cups of cola to progress. With 40+ challenging levels, it’s a fun diversion. You can pick it up for $1.99 and try it yourself here. We’d love to see your high scores!

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Last week Lucas Arts was shuttered by Disney, and we didn’t post anything on the issue. The reason being, I wasn’t sure what to write. After reading about it for a few days and stewing on it, I’ve come up with some thoughts.

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Does everyone know about our Facebook page? It’s been up since late July and we would love to have you there. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Beta and I have been working around the clock on an upgrade for e-AAGH.net.  Here’s a quick rundown on what’s changing.

  1. We’re going to improved code, which will allow for more flexibility and features in the future.
  2. We’re getting a new look. The new format allowed us to improve on what we have here, and I must say that I’m currently very proud of what we’ve done. We’ve gone through 30+ revisions and redesigns so far but I think we’ve settled on what we want, and we hope you like it too.
  3. We will be requiring registration for commenting on articles. Once I opened the floodgates on commenting earlier in the month we were overrun with spam in our comment box. You will now have to register to leave a comment.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, we’re getting a name change. I’ll be posting another article later detailing  the rationale behind the change.

So that’s what you can look forward to as far as changes to the site and your experience here. When can you expect these changes? Well, it’s coming soon – we hope to have everything live for everyone to use on September 1st. Change can be good, and I hope you enjoy our hard work.

Alphasim out.

Xbox 360 Shiny

It’s a busy week in console land. Microsoft is dropping the gloss-finished  Xbox 360 in favor of a model with a matte surface. Although I appreciate the visual appeal of the shiny black 360, I think the duller model will blend better in most game rooms. It will also be less prone to pick up fingerprints, something the original PlayStation 3 was notorious for as well before they themselves went to a matte finished model.

Speaking of Sony’s machine, it’s getting a price cut of $50 to $249. That’s a good price, in my mind, for the console at this point in it’s life cycle. It’s still a good system and $200-300 is about the price range that most gamers, in my experience, are most comfortable dropping for a new piece of hardware. That’s all on the console front for now. We’ll be back when there’s more to report.

Portal 2

I’m hearing left and right about how gamers are not happy with Portal 2, and I’m simultaneously amused and irritated by their arguments. “They” claim the following (among many) faults:

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