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Chicken Boom

Chicken Boom

Chicken Boom

Genre: Shooter

It's raining hens and you need to thin the flock with an assortment of various armaments, ranging from shotguns to laser rifles. You never did like chickens, did you?

Melody's Long Ladder Home

Melodys Long Ladder Home

Melody's Long Ladder Home

Genre: Platformer

Melody fell from her home in the sky and now she wants to go home. Help her gather coins and ladders to make her way back to her bedroom in the resource managemen-based platformer.

 Originally created for Ludum Dare 30

Trivial Travails

Icy the No-Man's Trivial Travails

Icy the No-Man's Trivial Travails

Genre: Trivia 

Guide Icy around the board, answering trivia questions to collect color points and unlock the gates to victory. Be quick, though, as the Yeti likes to eat slow snowmen! 

Originally created for Ludum Dare 31

  • Touchscreen Compatible

Driven Insane

Driven Insane

Driven Insane

Genre: Tower Defense

Your neighbor has a nice job in the city, and you - a bit of a country bumpkin - hate him for it. Rally your barnyard animal friends to try and wreck his car on its way to work. 

Originally created for Ludum Dare 32

Party Ball Arcade

Party Ball Arcade

Party Ball Arcade

Genre: Maze Puzzler

In this retro-styled puzzle game, you control the Party Ball and roll around over forty levels gathering cups of cola to save your party. You need to collect at least eight cups per level to continue.

Dial M for MonsterPlay Dial M for Monster

Dial "M" for Monster

Genre: Action

Take control of a monstrous "M" and hunt a handfull of survivors around their campfires, but be careful - they are also hunting you! 

Originally created for Ludum Dare 33

Box N Bash

Box 'N Bash

Genre: Block stacking

Your grumpy foreman wants you to stack crates for him. Can you make him happy while avoiding Boom Boxes and not killing his bottom line? 

Originally created for Ludum Dare 34

Home Run Bash


Home Run Bash

Genre: Sports

Swing for the fences and try to be the new homerun king in this 2D home run derby game.


Genre: 3D Platformer

Guide the ShiftyBall through the first 6 levels of this upcoming 3D platformer, changing forms to navigate various challenges.

Originally created for Ludum Dare 35

Needle in a Neighborhood

Genre: First Person exploration

Explore a small suburban neighborhood, looking for the giant golden sewing needle located in a room in one of the houses.

Originally created for Ludum Dare 37

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