The History of AAGH's Game of the Year Award
Richard Heil

It’s December, folks, and that means our annual Game of the Year awards are on their way. With that… Read More

The History of AAGH’s Game of the Year Award
World of WarCraft: Legion - First Opinion
Richard Heil

World of WarCraft’s new expansion, Legion dropped on August 30th and since then millions of WoW play… Read More

World of WarCraft: Legion – First Opinion
No Man's Sky Final Opinion - Explorers Wanted
Richard Heil

No Man’s Sky’s launch came with massive hype and expectations. A large part of this was due to Hello… Read More

No Man’s Sky Final Opinion – Explorers Wanted
Overwatch Final Opinion - More Blizzard Greatness
Richard Heil

Overwatch has been out for a few months now, long enough to be chewed up and digested by most every… Read More

Overwatch Final Opinion – More Blizzard Greatness
No Man's Sky - PC First Opinion
Richard Heil

The single most hotly anticipated game of the year – and perhaps the last few years – is No Man’s Sk… Read More

No Man’s Sky – PC First Opinion

The gaming community has largely been abuzz about the upcoming space game from Hello Games called No Man’s Sky, dating back to at least E3 2015. With a total of 18 quintillion planets – a number so large that it’s basically just words to me since I can’t wrap my mind around it – and a fresh, clean visual aesthetic, many gamers are waiting with bated breath for a chance to play it. That time is coming soon, although how soon depends on your platform of choice.

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Few things stir up the gaming masses like an open beta for a highly-anticipated new game, especially one from a developer with the pedigree of Blizzard. Such is the circumstance surrounding Overwatch, their new 6-on-6 team based first person shooter, who is free to play in open beta until Monday, May 9th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I’m not great at online first person shooters (see my Battlefield 3 review for more on that), but with Overwatch, there are a few mitigating factors that keep me coming back.

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As someone who cannot drive (I have depth-perception issues, which as you would imagine is a bad thing when operating several hundred pounds of metal at any speed), packing up one day and taking myself on a road trip is something is something I just can’t do, despite the appeal. I’ve often tried to use video games as a surrogate for that urge, but most of the time I’m misusing a game for that purpose. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5 has believably rural areas north of down to drive through to simulate going out on a trip, but sooner or later I’m going to find someone with a nicer car, and the urge to jack their ride takes over and suddenly I’m just playing GTA again. Jalopy promises something different, a driving game that’s about the trip as much as the destination.

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Today we’re making a shift in our review process, something of a monumental one for us. I personally have been the review editor for AAGH since it launched, and as such I’ve led us through a number of review format changes. From stars to numbers, with ranges from 1-5 to 1-10, our reviews have had a bunch of makeovers over the years (as you can see by going through our review archive). This time we’re undergoing our largest change yet: we’re removing the game score entirely.

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You normally visit AAGH for game news and reviews, but did you know that we have a free games hub? We do, and it’s called AAGH GameCenter. The games include a number of releases by our game development team at AAGH Games. They’re fast, they’re fun, and most importantly, they’re free, so why not shoot some birds in Chicken Boom or explore the maze-like worlds of Party Ball Arcade? You don’t even need to bring any quarters.

AAGH GameCenter

Having reviewed the NBA 2K series for AAGH since NBA 2K8, I can say I’m pretty familiar with the series. 2K series vets all know its strengths, its weaknesses, and what it needed to improve on from previous years. NBA 2K16 is the best NBA 2K yet, and considering that this was already pretty much the best annual major professional sports series running, the dynasty shows no signs of slowing down.

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Just letting everyone know that we have had some minor site outages today due to hosting upgrades. Our hosting company did some server maintenance and has resulted in the site going down for short periods of time the past few days. The issues should be solved now, and we should be up and running full-time again. Thanks for your patience.