I, apparently, am an idiot. That’s the impression I get from this First Opinion on The Cave, Ron Gilbert and Double Fine’s new platformer/adventure game.

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Minecraft for the Xbox 360 is now out. With it it brings couch co-op and simple online play, but lacks some of the PC versions finer touches. Let’s get our First Opinion on it now.

EDIT: Now updated with my split screen multiplayer Opinion.

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Check out this new trailer on Minecraft’s 1.8 Adventure Patch. You’ll see ravines, new combat, rivers, and NPC (ghost) villages. The patch is supposed to go live this Thursday (the 8th) and we’ll have coverage once it does.

I’ve reviewed several third-person console games that have been ported to PC so far in my tenure at, like Fable and San Andreas, and this one falls right in line with what I’ve learned in the past. Sharper graphics, shorter load times and a workable keyboard/mouse control setup. Jade Empire is allot of fun to play for anyone who appreciates a good beat-em-up with a few moral complications tossed in. Continue reading

Sid Meier introduced the world to the railroad empire simulator with the original Railroad Tycoon back in 1990. While there have been two more games in the series, this is his first contribution since the original. Does it live up the legacy? More or less, it does. Continue reading