I didn’t much play Guild Wars, to be honest. I think I put in, at most, an hour or two in to that game, and I was never impressed. I never got into that game and therefore I didn’t think I would be that excited for Guild Wars 2. How wrong I was, because as I learned more about GW2 I became more and more interested. Now that it is here, I have been playing it nonstop not just to review it, but because it is probably the best MMO I have played in years.

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9/9/12: Looking into Crafting

9/7/12: Another live stream here Accidentally removed

9/4/12: Trying more class/race combos

9 /2/12: Live stream Replay here. Accidentally removed

9/1/12: Looking into the World vs. World mode.

I was going to retire from reviewing MMOs after TERA and I had that awful breakup, but here I am again, reviewing Guild Wars 2. I plan on doing this review in phases, so check back often. For Guild Wars 2 videos, be sure to check out

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When I sat down to do this review it dawned on me that I was attacking it from the wrong angle. People don’t want to know if they should play Final Fantasy VII. If they haven’t figured that out in the last 14 years, I probably can’t help them now. What I needed to look at was if they should play this version, and less on whether it’s worth a purchase as a game in 2012, because most people who pick it up will be buying it for the nostalgia factor. We need to decide if this release is worth the money.

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Our Rift review is late, but not forgotten.  Can this new twist on a quickly aging genre spawn enough interest to pull players from their previous home worlds into Telara for good?

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