When Nintendo brought out Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 back in 1999, it was a neat idea, but more of a novelty then anything else. Two entries later, and this is a hit series that’s just reaching it’s stride. With a ton of characters, both old and new, stages that are a blast to play, the long and fun Subspace Emissary mode, a simple stage editor and even online play, this is easily the best Smash entry yet. It’s also an early contender for 2008 Game of the Year. Continue reading

via PanicAttackY2K

I think we have a new hit fighting game. I’ve always loved Tekken, and this game isn’t a expectation at all. It’s without a doubt the best one in the series, and could perhaps even hold a candle to Soul Caliber 3 when it comes out as the best Namco game or fighting game, or even maybe best game of the year. Continue reading