The NFL kicks off tonight, so I felt it was a good time to post this review. It’s time for EA Sports’ annual Madden game, and as usual I’m there. I enjoyed last year’s offering (which I called one of their best football games yet), so I had high hopes for this build. What would they do to top last year? Well, in short: not a whole lot. Sure, there are new features that we’ll delve in to that make a difference, but how much more can they add to a game franchise that’s 21 years old?

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I’m a bit late with my Madden NFL 09 review for one reason: It’s good. I can’t stop playing the thing to review it, which is hard on the site. Anyone who’s been here the last week or so has seen my Life as a Madden Superstar articles, which I’m enjoying doing. This is the best Madden I’ve ever played, and while it’s not perfect, it’s darn close (for a football game).

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When I reviewed Madden 08 for the PC, I said that I would be doing this review in the near future. Now, some several months later, I’ve finally got the review up. The review might not have been worth the wait, but the game itself is. This is everything the PC version should have been: The graphics are detailed and sharp, the Superstar mode has been tweaked, the sound has improvements and the weapons system is finally worth while. It’s hardly perfect, but it is the best football experience on the market today. Continue reading

I must admit that I was a huge NFL 2K series fan. I loved the first person mode, I thought the game controlled better; I just preferred it. So naturally when I caught wind of EA Sports buying exclusive rights to the NFL license, I was furious. However, several years into their deal, EA has released a Madden that has made me re-think my loyalty. Continue reading