I am planning to review Marvel Heroes, a Marvel-ized Diablo style MMO in the near future. I do not, however, plan to come within a country mile of it’s DLC/expansion packs. Why? Let me explain.

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I didn’t much play Guild Wars, to be honest. I think I put in, at most, an hour or two in to that game, and I was never impressed. I never got into that game and therefore I didn’t think I would be that excited for Guild Wars 2. How wrong I was, because as I learned more about GW2 I became more and more interested. Now that it is here, I have been playing it nonstop not just to review it, but because it is probably the best MMO I have played in years.

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9/9/12: Looking into Crafting

9/7/12: Another live stream here Accidentally removed

9/4/12: Trying more class/race combos

9 /2/12: Live stream Replay here. Accidentally removed

9/1/12: Looking into the World vs. World mode.

I was going to retire from reviewing MMOs after TERA and I had that awful breakup, but here I am again, reviewing Guild Wars 2. I plan on doing this review in phases, so check back often. For Guild Wars 2 videos, be sure to check out

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UPDATED: You can watch the the video if you missed it here (part one) and here (part two).

Today around 12 noon EST, we’re planning a live stream of Chaos is Gaming playing World of WarCraft. The guys are level 7 and are going to gun for level 10, and therefore picking their specs. With the guys playing as Pokeypop the priest and Ladreaver the hunter (with Cat the, well, cat), there promises to be mix ups, bickering, and all sorts general chaos broadcast live for everyone to enjoy,

We’re planning on this as a running Let’s Play as Bud, a WoW addict for over four years (as seen on Alazar) tries to help MMO newbie Will learn the game. They don’t plan on stopping until they get to choose their specs at level 10 so this may be a rather long live stream since I don’t foresee a straight, non-stop grind. Again, it’s planned for around noon today. Be there at Chaos is Gaming TV! Their first episode can be seen on Youtube

EDIT: We’re done, after hitting level 10 each in a little over two hours. Thanks for watching.


Delays, delays. Always with the delays! Sony has seen the need to delay their upcoming Planetside 2 beta a whole five to seven days to this Friday or next Monday. The nerve!

Actually, the delay is apparently a technical one, require to support the huge mass of players they’re expecting. I personally wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see another delay of some sort, because what they’re trying to accomplish here will be nigh unprecedented. 1,000 players, all shooting, all fighting at once? That has to be hard to prepare for so I’m fine with the delay. Of course if they pull a Scotty and come up good early, I wouldn’t be upset, either.

TERA was supposed to be reviewed in this post, or one shortly after it. It’s with some regret that I announce that said review is not going to happen, for various reasons. I am going to lump Star Wars  The Old Republic into this as well because it’s suffering the same fate. Let’s delve in to why.

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