I’ve been reviewing Out of the Park Baseball games for four years now, only missing last season’s OOTP 10. I’m a huge fan of the series and can’t wait each year to see what they’ve done to improve one of my favorite games. From the addition of the Face-Gen tech in OOTP 2007 through the written scouting reports in OOTP 9, I have always enjoyed these games. Is the latest the greatest, or has the series finally stalled?

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After releasing Out of the Park Baseball 8 a little over half a year after the previous version and with minimal improvements, OOTP9 comes out at the right time, and with much improved features. OOTP9 is another grand slam for OOTP Developments, and it’s a version that was worth the wait.

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Out of the Park 2007 was a hit with me and many baseball enthusiasts. The ability to run your own league, however you wanted, online or off, was absolutely dazzling. Now, however, just about 7 months after OOTP 2007’s release, Out of the Park Developments has released a new version, Out of the Park 8. Is it worth your money? That depends on how you look at it. Continue reading

Last year’s best baseball management/owner sim has – unbelievably – gotten better. I was eagerly awaiting it’s release with all of the hype it’s developers were pumping out about it’s ease of use, new features, and ‘face-gen’ technology. What I got was definitely more intuitive, and possibly more fun, but still just as rock-solid as last year. Continue reading