sid meier

Civilization IV was huge. Warlords contracted it somewhat with it’s emphasis on scenarios that tightened the focus of play. Beyond the Sword, however, again makes Civ4 the biggest turn-based time sink around, with tons of new civs, leaders, units, buildings, techs, and wonders. Even the scenarios tend towards this huge open-ended  play style that Civ gamers love. In all, they could have called it Civilization 4.5 and charged full new-game price for this and still had a bargain going. It’s that big. Continue reading

In preparation for Civilization IV’s second expansion, Beyond the Sword, we here at are reviewing Civ 4: Warlords. It’s definitely a worthwhile expansion to one of my favorite strategy games and was worthy of a review long ago, but I couldn’t stop playing long enough to review it. So sue me. Continue reading

Sid Meier introduced the world to the railroad empire simulator with the original Railroad Tycoon back in 1990. While there have been two more games in the series, this is his first contribution since the original. Does it live up the legacy? More or less, it does. Continue reading

In the first of our Back Review series, I’m reviewing Sid Meier’s Pirates, a remake of the 1987 classic ‘Pirates.’ This game reeks of polish, and for that reason gleams the recognition of how a remake should be done. Continue reading

Civilization has been going strong for over a decade and a half now and has driven people to play ‘just one more turn’ since 1990. Now we have the fourth iteration in the series, and it’s one of the best entries into the Civ line. Continue reading