I don’t like horror flicks. Mostly because they’re all blood-and-gore death fests these days rather then the old style psychological thrillers of yore, but also because I’m a wimp. I can’t sit through anything with blood on TV or in a movie without feeling nauseous. Thus, I find it odd that two of my favorite games in the last year (Fallout 3 and this one) are very, very violent titles. I’ve always been a first-person shooter nut, ever since I first saw Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny on my uncle’s PC as a kid. The Unreal Tournament series is one of my favorites, and I love Half-Life. These games, however, rarely showed realistic violence.  I can’t play FarCry 2 because of the more realistic portrayal of gunplay and the like. What I’m getting at is that while Left 4 Dead is indeed very gory, it’s so much more as well, and transcends it’s bloody roots to be an outstanding title.

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