team fortress 2

It was a party, a bonanza I say, for Chaos is Gaming the other day. For Team Fortress 2 Thursday, we have two special guests.


The guys were joined by old hat Essemm (they’re first seen playing with them here) and another friend, zsturgess. It was two matches of death, destruction and mayhem.

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mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-12-50-59

Today was a big day for Bud and Will and Chaos is Gaming: They took their Team Fortress 2 Thursday to the masses – and the masses responded with a vengeance.

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hl2 2012-05-31 13-36-46-12

Team Fortress Thursday is a small one this week, with pictures only. Videos will (probably) be back next week. Maybe.

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Team Fortress Thursday brings out Dos and Don’ts for TF2. Follow them at your own risk.

Hey folks, Bud here. Rather then compile a fancy replay of Will and I playing, this time all you get is a montage of a recent match from my perspective. Hope you like it.