Actually making games isn’t for everyone, but there is nary a gamer who hasn’t thought about what they would make if they had the opportunity. Mojam, a gathering of independent developers, led my Mojang obviously, allows you to follow six teams as they make their games live over the next few days.

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Will and I like playing with Minecraft Bukkit server plugins, but  it doesn’t make sense to toy with them on MaMinecraft. We also like making videos, so here we just combine the two in to a new video series, BukkitTippers.

EDIT: I’ve fixed the bad video links.

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Today we have a special treat: Floata of MaMinecraft held an impromptu firework show outside his apartment building today. It was beautiful, and you missed it. Fortunately I captured the moment on video for all to enjoy.

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UPDATED: You can watch the the video if you missed it here (part one) and here (part two).

Today around 12 noon EST, we’re planning a live stream of Chaos is Gaming playing World of WarCraft. The guys are level 7 and are going to gun for level 10, and therefore picking their specs. With the guys playing as Pokeypop the priest and Ladreaver the hunter (with Cat the, well, cat), there promises to be mix ups, bickering, and all sorts general chaos broadcast live for everyone to enjoy,

We’re planning on this as a running Let’s Play as Bud, a WoW addict for over four years (as seen on Alazar) tries to help MMO newbie Will learn the game. They don’t plan on stopping until they get to choose their specs at level 10 so this may be a rather long live stream since I don’t foresee a straight, non-stop grind. Again, it’s planned for around noon today. Be there at Chaos is Gaming TV! Their first episode can be seen on Youtube

EDIT: We’re done, after hitting level 10 each in a little over two hours. Thanks for watching.