via PanicAttackY2K

Now, I’ll be honest here. I’m not a huge racing fan. But this game was completely different. I knew I wanted this when I saw it. And I regretted not buying it sooner. This game is amazing! Its the perfect racing game, amazing graphics, lightning fast game play, perhaps the best frame rate to date, and a amazing realistic physics engine. Great music as well. And even better, its one of, if not THE ONLY racer with a story! What more could you want?

Anyways, this isn’t normal racing. This is racing with really cool vehicles. These things hover just inches above the ground, can travel at over 2000 km/h, and use MICRO ENGINES THAT FIRE OUT PLASMA WHICH MAKES IT GO SO FAST. Now, who wouldn’t want to bring in one of THOSE for show and tell?

The game is even better. To find out what vehicle is good at what, Its similar to the F-Zero X system. If you’re unfamiliar to F-Zero X, here’s basically what each stat does:

BODY: When this is higher you’ll take less damage from everything. EVERYTHING. Other machines attacks, crashes into the walls, Any form of damage is reduced when this is higher,

BOOST: This represents how much speed is added when you boost. I’m not sure if its also how long the boost lasts, but it may be. Also, in case you’re wondering what I just said, boosting is something that increases your speed at the cost of some power. You can only boost after the first lap, but if you’re a expert at turning, you’ll be boosting until you run out of power, hit a recovery strip so you get even more power, and then boost some more!

GRIP: This is how well the machine can turn. Also, if your grip is low, you’ll lose more speed while turning. Definitely the most important stat in the game.

WEIGHT: The more weight you have, the more max speeds you have and the more acceleration you lose and the harder it is to turn. Also, it may have something to do with how much damage you take from crashes, but I’m not sure. Anyways, only experts want a ton of this. Otherwise, you want it at around 1500kg. [Yes, they’re sometimes THAT heavy.]

Here’s where we get going: The racing part. As said before, it has a amazing frame rate but its good enough so you can react in time to curves and the like. You can also attack other vehicles to hopefully put them out of the race. It has intense action and just gives you such a great adrenaline rush that I cant explain. Trust me, you really want to give this game a try! Its about 2 years old, but its still probably the most realistic racer out there.