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I think we have a new hit fighting game. I’ve always loved Tekken, and this game isn’t a expectation at all. It’s without a doubt the best one in the series, and could perhaps even hold a candle to Soul Caliber 3 when it comes out as the best Namco game or fighting game, or even maybe best game of the year.

Now, if you’ve ever played the previous Tekkens, you should know how the controls work. If not, they’re really simple:

Square: Left Punch
Triangle: Right Punch
O: Left Kick
X: Right Kick

Yeah, that’s all. Beats those wrestling games, eh? Mixing those buttons up in certain combinations will perform a special move. To see that list, pause while you’re in a fight and go to command list. Simple, isn’t it? Now, onto the characters:

There’s pretty much from every fighting style. Steve for boxing, Nina for Akido, Bruce for kickboxing, Ganryu for sumo, Christe for Caporeia, you name it, there’s almost certainly a character for it.
If you’ve played Tekken 2, you should realize some of those names forgotten in the later Tekkens. Well, guess what? The oldies are back. All of their moves and some new ones, and they look awesome on the PS2’s graphics capability.

In addition to the oldies and newbies from Tekken 4, there’s also three new characters completely new:

Raven: Supposedly a agent from a organization, sent to destroy whoever is running the current tournament. Little else is known about him, other than the X shaped scar on his face.

Asuka Kazama: Yes, the same Kazama family as Jin. Basically, Asuka’s story is she was out one day, then returned to her dojo find her father in critical condition. She enters the tournament to find out who did it. Might I add, she has TERRIBLE voice acting. I swear, she spits out like 12 words per second. Maybe that’s just a Japanese thing.

Feng Wei: A Chinese master of Kenpo. When his master scolded him for fighting outside the dojo [I assume he was looking for the scrolls of the God Fist technique] he killed him and continued his search, attacking Dojo masters throughout the world. You should know what one of those dojos are by now.

One more cool feature is that you can play the arcade versions of every Tekken except 4 in the Arcade History menu. How awesome is that? Plus, you have the “Devil Within” mini game as well. How did they fit all of this in!?

And yes, there IS more. You can also play arcade mode to battle against various characters with alternate costumes. You will win fight money, which you can use to buy some of these costume pieces for yourself.

This is DEFINITELY a sweet game. Buy it if you like fighting games. if not, then rent it. You still might like it.