I found the putting interface to be rather lack-luster. It looks like they tried to ape PangYa/Super Swing Golf with no success. The menus, though, are a nightmare. I’ve never had so much trouble navigating a game menu in my life. You’d think you could just click on the arrows to change options, but no, they make you use the D-pad or B button to change them. The scrolling menus are also way too sensitive and hard to manage. I also dislike that they chose to use the 2 button for previewing items in the Pro Shop.

The swing control, while generally good, did act up once in a while. I had problems where mid backswing my on-screen persona would take a rip at the ball, resulting in a terrible shot. About my virtual avatar, I love being able to adjust my swing animation. It’s really slick and makes the character seem much more personalized.

The mini games are ok, but not enough to hold my attention for very long. I’ll possibly amend this at some point once I get some quality time with more players in these modes, since they aren’t designed for solo gaming anyway.

Well, does the Wii’s unique controller add up to more fun? Yes, if the PC edition of TW08 is any indication. It’s a very similar game, with many of the same modes and similar graphics, but I’d give the edge to the Wii for it’s controller alone. Alphasim out