Contributed by Betasim

First and foremost, I love instrument and rhythm games.  I played DDR when it was sweeping the nation and learned to play Guitar Hero at parties.  Now, I jump at the opportunity to try my hand at the drum part.


The reality of it is, though, that I’ve not played much of the Guitar Hero games before World Tour.  If I had, I could give a full opinion, but honestly I’ve only slightly grazed them.  Therefore, I’m not an authority on World Tour as part of the GH series.

I CAN tell you, however, that GH World Tour is much more sophisticated  as a full-band game than Rock Band (1, the first one) in the music composition.  “Hard” in Rock Band 1 is maybe medium in Guitar Hero World Tour.  Rock Band 1 was the advent of full-band games, but World Tour took it to the next level.  Rock Band was just trying to capitalize on the multiple instrument feature and didn’t make their gameplay quite as complex as Guitar Hero does.  Also, obviously, Guitar Hero was already in sequels when Rock Band came out, so they had practice.  Therefore, I suspect that Rock Band 2 is better than 1.  Again, I couldn’t officially tell you from experience.

Also Rock Band’s microphone part is veeeeery forgiving.  At a recent Rock Band party, folks were getting 98 to 100% on Medium when they didn’t even know the song.  Therefore, when I say that World Tour is harder, I mean it in a good way.  There should be some challenge.

Beyond that, Guitar Hero World Tour is just a solid sequel to a successful series.  The songs are varied and generally satisfying, and the online community does produce some excellent user content as long as you can wade through the muck a little.  Also, props to the GH folks for incorporating in-game versions of notable artists such as Sting and Ozzie Ozbourne.  It makes playing Crazy Train all that more fun.

Don’t be disappointed, however, if there’s no cool end-of-game song to rival ‘Through the Fire and the Flames’ from GH III.  I guess some things just weren’t met to be.