Wii Sports Resort is to the Wii Motion Plus accessory what Wii Sports was the original Wii Remote: it’s a tech demo that sells what the item can do, while proving entertaining at the same time. While Wii Sports Resort comes off a little shallow due to heightened expectations, it’s still a fun game to get out when non-gamers or even casual gamers come around.

When I bought this game, the sales rep warned me that it was more difficult then the original due to the Wii Motion Plus’ greater sensitivity. I don’t think that this is really the case; if anything, it makes the game easier by providing more accurate feedback to your movements. My favorite mini game is the 3-point shootout because it has a solid feel and – despite not being exactly accurate to shooting a real basketball – allows you to develop a touch with your shot and feel like you’re actually getting better. Other sports also feature this sensation; archery, swordplay, Frisbee, bowling and table tennis all feature a level of skill that allows you to feel a progression in your performance through practice. Others, like bike riding, canoeing, wake boarding, power cruising, air sports and golf are too cumbersome or clumsy for their own good and reward you little for skill and practice.

The biggest problem with Wii Sports Resort is the lack of long-term gameplay. You will grow tired of the events at some point, and once that happens, there’s little reason to pull the game back out. There’s nothing to really shoot for other then topping your own high score (and getting ‘stamps,’ seemingly Nintendo’s variation on achievements and trophies). No online functionality is a downer. I’d at least like to be able to compare my score with other players, a la Mario Kart Wii, but that’s not available.

The game’s graphics are only a slight step up from the original Wii Sports, and the sounds are decent (with the same announcer reprising his role, for better or worse, depending on your opinion). You will need a Wii Motion Plus for every player who wants in on the action: there’s no support for standard controls.

The Wii Motion Plus accessory itself makes the controller seem more cumbersome then it used to by extending the bottom end a good inch or so. I also didn’t want to use one of those ‘Wii Condom’ silicone covers, but now that I’ve put it through it’s paces (it comes with each Wii Motion Plus), it’s allot better then I expected. In the end, this is a fun game for parties and the control is better then before, but lets hope that the Wii Motion Plus is implemented this successfully in future games, and that this isn’t it’s peak. Alphasim out.