I’ve continued to play Rift, and I’ve learned a few things since my last update so I’m posting my further analysis for everyone to read.


I’ve discovered that I prefer playing a mage to a warrior. My elementalist/pyromancer/chloromancer mage is much more efficient and fun to play then my old beast master/riftblade/champion warrior. I blew through the tutorial with ease this time instead of laboring with it. The soul system it indeed varied, with allot of choices to be made as you play.

My big revelation is that I strongly dislike the questing. So much so, that I don’t do it unless I can’t find a rift. I’m strictly a ‘rifter’ now, running from rift to rift, earning XP and loot as I go. This morning I spent a few hours in a raid shutting down a massive water invasion in Freemarch. I died some 10 times (I was really too under-level to help, and just got weaker as I died). As time winded down one player asked in chat, “what happens if we fail and get invaded?” Another player quickly quipped, “only one way to find out.” I love witty banter. We ultimately beat the invasion back after what felt like hours of work. That was exhausting but far more free-form and free-flowing then anything I’d done in an MMO, short of fighting for Lake Wintergrasp in World of WarCraft.

Trion has a new social media connection in the Rift, with links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumbler Before I played this morning I turned on the Twitter option and when I got an achievement, it tweeted it, complete with a picture of the event. I really think that’s fun since I like to chronicle my play anyway (What? No, really?). I’m interested in seeing what YouTube would do.

Rift is growing on me. I hope to have a review out next month. Alphasim out.