by powerrave

Some time ago, I was looking around in the PSN Store with no real clue on what I was looking for. Clueless as ever, wonderful. Then I stumbled across this little game that I vaguely remembered from some flash site. So I bought it because I like good Tower Defence games.

So, this game isn’t very big. In PSN Store is was in the mini-games section. It also clearly shows that this game is not made to be played full screen… It’s not really full screen but it is fairly large on the screen. On graphics, where as it would normally look nice and sharp, it doesn’t do that in this case. It looks all stretched out. Still, I’m not complaining. It was generally a flash game anyway. The layout of the details about everything are nicely done. Can easily find everything and nothing gets in the way of the map itself.

Vector TD

So, how is it with the gameplay? On the PC it will be just clicking work. On the PS3, it does work different but surely works very smooth. You can set waves of enemy’s called Vectoids to come automatically or set it to only give a new wave when you press the triangle button. Took me a bit to find out how I was able to send waves as there was no indication about controls at all. Further, you build towers on tiles that are not a road for the Vectoids the move on and you can upgrade the the towers. It’s all very basic. The best part is that this came will be quickly underestimated. It is actually quite hard. I have not been able to beat all 50 waves even once. Highest I reached was wave 45 on an easy map. This small game really is a great challenge.

What more can I say about this little game? Not much I think. I have found out that the one in PSN Store is probably the first Vector TD. No others are in PSN Store but there is enough to find on the internet. But that’s for some other time. First I better find a way of beating this game.

Very challenging; Easy to understandLetting people know the controls on a first start-up would have been nice in the PS3 and PSP case