League of Legends players who play primarily Co-op vs. AI can look forward to a greatly expanded experience soon, for Riot Games is preparing to unleash the Bot Army.

What bot army, you ask? Well, they’re upping the bot roster from 7 to 40 for starters. Secondly, they’ve enabled bots to use skill shots rather then just on-target or area of effect attacks. The bots can now use on-activation items as well. The biggest change though, may be that they’re invading a new warzone.

Bots will now be capable of playing on the Crystal Scar Dominion map. This should allow players to train and/or practice in the Dominion game mode. Allot of players use bots to try out builds or new champions before heading online and this will help them a good deal.

So anyone who plays League of Legends, steady yourself for the invasion! … or just play pvp instead. Either works.