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Will has opinions. Strong opinions. Not always popular opinions. Here are 10 of his least favorite games of all time (with a some rebuttals from Bud). These are straight from Will, unedited, and do not necessarily express the opinion of Chaos is Gaming (or All Around Gaming Hub) as a whole.


1: Hard Time (PC)

A horrible realization. Moronic people made this crap 1

2: Harvest Moon (SNES)

One of the biggest pieces of wasted  space on a disk 2

3: Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

Jesus 3

4: Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

Nothing could compare to this junk in real life 4

5: Shenmue (Dreamcast)

Wow another doosy 5

6: Minesweeper (PC)

If this were in real life I would put the maker of it on a mine that I’m going to explode 6

7: All Sports Games (Any)

The fun in sports is playing them not playing WITH THEM 7

8: Guitar Hero (Any)

Useless people who enjoy this should not speak as if they know how to play a real guitar or any instrument  8

9: Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee (Gamecube)

All right but cheesy 9

10: Quake (PC)

This first person shooter is the number 10 cause what it eventually turned in to was good. As for this one, it should have been thrown to the trash pile 10

1: Say wha? Horrendous game, yes, but I… huh… this is going to be hard. Where’s my Will Dictionary? – Bud

2:  I like Harvest Moon, so we’re off to a roaring start – Bud

3: Translation: I don’t remember enough to say anything more about this game. Glad I got that dictionary out. – Bud

4: Not that bad, but not my favorite game. Overreaction. – Bud

5: That’s not in the dictionary, so I’ll have to make a guess. If ‘doosy’ means “fun game,” then I agree. – Bud

6: Most undeservedly overplayed game ever – Bud

7: I like sports games, so I disagree.. – Bud

8: It’s a GAME Will, not life validation…. usually, anyways. – Bud

9: The 2nd worst game on this list is 9th? – Bud

10: Repetitive and low-res today, but it was ok in its day. Y’know, hindsight and all. – Bud