AAGH Game  Center

Bud and Will are back! Chaos is Gaming lives, believe it or not. Today, Bud and Will take on Age of Empires II HD on Steam as a team against six AI. Let’s get commentary from both of the guys.

Will: Here we take a look at the start of the match… Will and Alphasim versus the rest of the computer opponents. It’s a fair fight since it’s me and Bud but not really on their side.

Bud: I’m in on this (as Alphasim), but I’ll be riding Will’s coattails. I used to be almost decent at Age of Empires II, but the years off have dulled me so now I’m more useful as backup. No matter – we’re still going to be fine.


Will: The beginning we have many villagers getting many supplies for the upcoming battle in this pic we see my citizens gathering wood and food in mass consumption and the city center.


Bud: Meanwhile, I start small. Very small.


Will: Here we have more villagers getting wood different villagers and growing in population.


Will: Here we have my first barracks and more farms.


Bud: Will – I have company! The enemy scouts are touring my territory, so I start work on my barracks as well.


Will: My first stone mining operation in action.


Bud: I age up first! Yes, I’m still in last place, but hopefully I can start making up ground now. I decide to work on my peace-time research rather than a military for now.


Will: The only way to win is a large gold mining operation as well as stone, food, and wood all equally important.


Bud: My market is up, and I quickly research the map-sharing tech.


Will: In this pic we see the start of a housing complex, as it’s a place for the dumb villagers to live. Also important if you want a large army


Bud: If I’m going to live without a big army, I’m going to have to turtle. Walls all around!


Will: Here I found the enemy base for the first time, soon to be eliminated.


Bud: My walls are all up, and I managed to ensnare another stone mine in the process. I really need to add more towers but for now I’m going back to my peace-time research.


Will: In this photo we see the beginning stages of my army going in to a war zone, deleting the bastards as they live in their little hole of death.


Bud: Ok, this dipshit villager got lost out here, far from home. I instruct her to build a tower to hide in, as well as annoy the nearby enemy.


Will: In this photo we have the castles being in full use to halt the enemy in their tracks, plus it makes for more housing.


Bud: Two towers and an archery range mean I am in good position to piss off the cyan guys until they get a military.


Will: In this situation, it calls for many more military and here you can see it’s building up for war. More war, anyway.


Bud: One tower is nice. Two is better. Eight, however, is awesome overkill. I’m holding a mostly useless road, and the cyan guys keep creeping down villagers that I am easily picking off. Sending their workforce into my kill zone can’t be cheap for them.


Will: Here are more castles to the front of the line for a better battle and more protection.


Bud: The cyan folks are so unprepared that I am able to swoop in and take out their town center. Shortly thereafter, they’re out of the game.


Will: My first monk in the making.


Will: The end of al Mutasim, a moron so to speak.


Bud: Three enemies down between us, two to go, and I have my army finally resembling an army. I also have a castle at last.


Will: Another one bites the dust.


Bud: The Yellow folks lose their town center and are now soon of the game as well. There’s one guy left, so let’s fine him.


Will: More of the battle brewing. This, however, is one of the better ones – it’s my Paladins going into the final battle.


Bud: Hey, wait – the orange guys are at my walls! They were actually right next to me, and I never saw them. Masterstroke, self.


Will: The battle field is now clear, due to the main troops in their town center. Bit too late for them.


Bud: We won, and I helped. We actually executed an impromptu pincer maneuver, with Will going clockwise and myself counter-clockwise. Good game!

Will: The achievements screens begin. As you can see for yourself, this battle was won hands down. Bud and Will are the winners.