Contributed by Mrcoasterboy

Burnout Paradise is an open world racing game developed by Criterion Games and I’m giving it a go. When you start the game up you get an intro of Paradise city explaining the many locations you can go. After the intro, you are given a Paradise City license and a beat up car in which you have to repair.

Burnout Paradise

The controls are odd as A is accelerate, and Z is brake/reverse. To look left you have to push the delete key and right is page down. Other than that everything else is fine.

I hop into an event by stopping at a stoplight and pushing forward and reverse, to my surprise there is no loading screen. It shows you where you’re heading to and what you have to do to complete the event then you’re in. After you complete a set number events your license A upgrade. The higher the license, the more events you have to complete for the next license.

As I drive around I begin to admire the damage system in the game, before I know it I’m just smashing into walls and doing some tricks. I see myself just messing around rather than doing events. I get back to the events and get some more cars and they are stored into a junkyard which you can access them. When you get a new car it is beat up and of course, you have to repair it. All you have to do to repair your cars is just drive into a drive through repair shops of sort and your car is brand new.

Burnout Paradise

The online is nice but can get annoying when other players slam into you and wreck your car. Other than that the online is well built, you have many game modes to play and challenge your friends (Or strangers) in.

All in all, Burnout Paradise is a good game, even though the controls can be odd to use I recommend you play it for yourself.

Coaster out.

Final Score: 8