UPDATE: Stream delayed about half an hour due to technical issues

If you’re a morning person, or someone who has to be up early regardless and wants some entertainment, we’re here for you. Announcing our Twin Bill Tuesday live stream from AAGH, starring myself (Budaniel) and Floata (of Chaos is Gaming). Starting tomorrow you can catch us live on Twitch at 10 AM every Tuesday morning, playing two games over two hours.

Twin Bill Tuesday Live Stream

This Tuesday – today – we are planning some Killing Floor and Planetside 2. I know which one I’m looking forward to (hint: it’s the latter). If you have a suggestion for next week, drop it in the comments below and we’ll see about fitting it in.  We will always be on our usual Twitch channel, so follow it to get a heads up when we go live. We look forward to seeing folks at the stream!