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We recently opened a new branch to All Around Gaming Hub, namely the AAGH Game Center. Featuring a fine selection of fun, free online games, we’re routinely updating it and producing new games for it. Are you looking to blow your lunch break in a fast, fun, easy way? This is your answer. Visit it, have some fun, and share it with your friends. You – and your friends – can thank us later.

AAGH Game Center

One game you can play is Chicken Boom, a shooter starring a horde of chickens raining onto your farm. You’re charged with thinning the herd with your collection of firearms, starting with a simple rifle and progressing through the likes of laser guns and assault rifles. You’ll weather many a chicken storm as you rack up new high scores. It’s a simple premise, but Chicken Boom is actually pretty addictive. When you do get that awesome new high score, share it on the page’s Disqus conversation window for everyone to see.

All of the games currently on AAGH Game Center were made by AAGH Games, but we are going to open it up to more developers in the near future. Stay tuned to both here and AAGH Game Center for more information.