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Last time we checked in on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, I was preparing to wage war on all of Saiyan kind in the name of Humanity. I had lined up my targets – Radditz, Nappa, Vegeta and Goku – and was preparing to do battle with them in one-on-one combat. The goal: to tear down the Saiyan-based DBZ power monopoly. Now it is time for battle, so let’s see how I did.

Since the last time you saw Cola, Hero of Humanity and Champion of All Mankind, I have trained him rigorously, gotten him a stylish new look and learned a handful of new techniques. I specialize in Ki blast supers and basic attacks with only modest stamina, health and Ki meters, and have been training under Piccolo. My main special attack is the iconic Kamehameha, but I also have a few tricks up my sleeve for those damn dirty Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Round One: Cola vs. Radditz

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

I start off with sloppy and Radditz gets an early beating in, which – to be honest – didn’t make me real optimistic about the coming rounds. Radditz was using/abusing a Ki pulse attack whenever I got near so hitting him required a hit-and-run strategy. As the fight wore on I realized I was being way, way too over reliant on my Kamehameha and that it was leaving me open to his attacks. I began to sweat ever-so-slightly how my matches with the more powerful Saiyans would go, but that would all be a moot point if I didn’t win this fight first. I whittled him down to next to no health when I left myself open for a second, and he opened up a combo that knocked me out. Fortunately, I have those tricks I mentioned at the start of the article, and the biggest of those is a Z Soul called “Never Give Up!”.

Crap. I was really hoping to not need that until the later rounds, but I had to break it out here in the first fight. Thanks to it, though, I defeated Raddish Boy and can now move on to his superiors.

Round Two: Cola vs. Nappa

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

I got off to another slow start against Nappa. We traded blows for quite some time with Nappa doing the same use/abuse trick with the Ki pulse that Raddiz did, keeping my on my toes. At one point I try to crush him with a Full Power Energy Wave Volley but Nappa is 100% unimpressed, and counters with a super of his own.

OW! WTF is up with that?! He shrugged off my super and countered with his own, nearly killing me. In fact, he does kill me, but my Z-Soul saves me yet again. I’m 2-2 for needing a Deus Ex Machina to stay in these fights, which now that I think about it, is rather fitting for Dragon Ball. I decide to unleash my 2nd trick on Nappa and use one of his signature moves, Giant Storm, on him. It doesn’t go as planned.

He just flies out of range, avoiding damage and leaving me with a depleted Ki bar. Unfortunately for him he only lasts two more hand-to-hand confrontations with me before he drops. I survive again, albeit barely. Now, for his boss.

Round Three: Cola vs Vegeta

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Vegeta spends the first portion of the fight feeling me out, playing defensively and parrying my attacks. When he does open up, he proves to be a bit of a wild card (who would have guessed that?) and swings and misses allot. A number of times he unleashes some attack that launches a huge number of powerful Ki waves, but they’re so sporadic and wildly aimed that he has trouble hitting me. He still manages to do some serious damage to me, but thanks to a few quick combos, I even the match back up.

Late in the fight, both of our health bars are waning so I’m playing keep-away and trying to poke out the last of his health from a distance when I connect with a quick Kamehameha and that finishes him. I finally win a match without needing revived! At last – it’s the final round, and the most powerful Saiyan awaits me.

Final Round: Cola vs. Goku

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The first problem I have is Goku countering the hell out of me. After he kicks me around a little, we exchange Ki blasts but he blocks all of mine while pelting me in the face with his.

Will I be able to beat him? I struggled to get to this point, I can’t lose now. All of humanity it counting on me here. At one point we’re both down to about a quarter of our health when I try to close in for the kill, but he rebuffs me trying to charge him, so I have to quickly debate my next move. I can’t get enough time in this fight without getting hit to charge a full Kamehameha, so that’s a bad idea. My Full Power Energy Wave Volley is far too inaccurate. Whenever I do get in melee range he uses the same throw move on me over and over, and my last big attack, Giant Storm, has been completely ineffective this entire tournament. That’s a whole lot of bad options. I have to make a snap decision though, so I quickly dart out of range before turning and unleashing a Giant Storm to try and at least stun him a little. The results caught me off guard.

I… win? I win! I had not hit anyone this whole tournament with Giant Storm, so I honestly didn’t know how much damage it could do. I was kind of stunned that it finished him off like that. Still, that’s a victory for me, and I have done it – I defeated all of the Saiyans head to head. Sure it took a few revivals and a lucky hit to do so, but in Dragon Ball, the heroes always had to overcome all odds to win, including coming back from the brink of defeat, and that’s what I did.

As I leave the arena, basking in self-glory, it dawns on me; I have only defeated them in their weakest forms. If I want to truly break the Saiyan death grip on the top of the power charts, I will have to revisit these fights in the future. For now though, humanity’s hero is triumphant, and that was my goal.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

All hail Cola

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