AAGH Game  Center

For the most Halloween is just another day where people go out and do normal everyday things, Come home and say happy Halloween to their family’s after trick or treat and the kids get sick from eating like 15 pounds of candy…

For Bud ‘n I we are going to live stream our Halloween dedicated to Children’s Miracle Network. Our stream will pertain to the holiday while being a charity drive as well as entertainment for whomever would like to watch. As well as on Nov. 7-8 we will be doing an Extra Life live stream for Children’s Hospital of Akron, Ohio. For 24 hours we get to inspire or entertain all who would like to watch. We will be playing what was voted on in order with some amount of leniency on the schedule. With many titles and many lives to help even by bringing a smile to the children in the care of the talented doctors at Children’s Hospital. Thank you all for your support in our venture to help others.

You can view us at twitch.tv/alphasim

– Will

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