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Payday 2 is much like those of GTA and being a criminal. One fine point of this game is the game play during the inter action roles as in robbing a bank or a jewelry heist. Mainly a bases of massive play with allot of weapons, the down fall is after you’ve earned the gun the cost is highly over the top. No complaints on this however it could be a little better priced as the fact that you have to win a certain amount just to earn the gun then you must buy it, doesn’t seem too fair.

Payday 2

Along with the ever growing DLC, it’s quite annoying and over priced products that should have come with the price of the games. These are just personal views of product management as seeming as if you went to the store and bought a disk hard copy the DLC is usually already there and not for purchase, due to the fact you already paid full price for the game and its contents. Back to the game, well to say the least it is fun, And much like the games of today very violent. The choices of weapons are probably my favorite parts of the game. The AI is horrible and very unproductive, but most AI is, so with that being said I do enjoy the pleasure of this game and the help to release aggression in a non-violent situation is good, the graphics are pretty fast and very clean, Personally I would rank this game as a 6 out of 10, which would be one of my higher scores for games made in this day and age.