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Summer Time

Well, what can I say other than I have had a very peaceful summer time . Playing Payday 2 which most of the people who know me now know I'm addicted to the game now. Thanks all for that. However, new… Read More

Children's Hospital Charity Live Stream

Nov. 4 please join Bud and I for our annual charity live stream for Extra Life. We will be up and running for a total of 24 hours. Your contribution whether be it watching or donating are both larg… Read More

In Will's Words PSA

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Children's Hospital cancer donation game play

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Here’s the wrap up from “Team Fortress Thursday”, April 12th, 2012.

Thanks, and look forward to next Tuesday!

Here’s our narrated vids of us playing TF2 against the bots, part of Team Fortress 2 Thursday here on Chaos is Gaming. Let us know if you want more of us blowing dem bots to bits!*




* Bots get blown to bits because we prefer to that to getting blown to bits. Catch our drift? When we get good enough, we’ll take our game to the masses. Stick around for that!

Team Fortress 2

We’re at it again, folks! Team Fortress 2, on the Sawmill KOTH map. Will’s the sniper, with his dapper hat, and I’ve got the pyro again, with his goofy hat. This time I’m bringing Will along for the ride. God help us all.

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Here’s the wrap up for our updates on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012.

  • Team Fortress 2, BNW #1 (pictures) – Bud and Will beat up on TF2 bots for kicks.
  • DEFCON Time! (pictures) – After a crushing loss, Bud wins a round of DEFCON, with big help from Will and an AI buddy.
  • Testing Minecraft Mods: Punishmental (video) – Bud and Will start out testing the effects of the “Punishmental” Bukkit mod for Minecraft before just going back-and-forth for the hell of it.

Remember, updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We occasionally try out random Minecraft mods, and this week we’re trying out Punishmental by RjSowden. Our testing, as usual, goes off course when we start just attacking each other with the mod.

It’s DEFCON time! We hit up the Steam demo for now and head into the game. We do our usual team-up, of course. Do things go as planned? If you have to ask, you don’t know us well enough, man.


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It’s our first update! We’re working!

I’m Bud, and first up Will and I take on Team Fortress 2. I’m an old hand at the game but Will’s just been playing a few days. We’ll pick up first in our latest match, a private server King of the Hill match on Nucleus vs. some bots. Fun times! Will’s going to be throwing in an opinion here and there, I’m sure.


Here we are! I’m the pyro and he’s the heavy, which is effing ironic because in RL he’s a firebug and I’m… well, I’m heavy.


And we’re off!


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