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In light of the newest developments unforeseen by us, We must take some time off for health reasons, We will let you know when we will reschedule release of future games and future testing . Please be… Read More

Summer Time

Well, what can I say other than I have had a very peaceful summer time . Playing Payday 2 which most of the people who know me now know I'm addicted to the game now. Thanks all for that. However, new… Read More

Children's Hospital Charity Live Stream

Nov. 4 please join Bud and I for our annual charity live stream for Extra Life. We will be up and running for a total of 24 hours. Your contribution whether be it watching or donating are both larg… Read More

In Will's Words PSA

We have been working on new game developments and many different actions. We would like to express our thanks to patrons and to viewers. Our content in the game reviews and new games has been slowing… Read More

Children's Hospital cancer donation game play

Welcome , Please join us for our annual live stream for children's hospital cancer donations. we will be playing a arrangement of games as well as giving our latest game to them as our donation any mo… Read More

Here’s our mission statement, outlining our goal for Chaos is Gaming. What are we out to do, and why should you read us? This is why:

  • We’re pretty good but we’re mortal. We screw up. We bicker. We win, and we lose – all for everyone to read and dissect here.
  • You can learn both how to play games well, and how to play really poorly.
  • We’ll be posting screen cap galleries, in-game videos – some narrated, some not – and podcasts, all featuring our own own crazy perspective on games.
  • We’ll go out of our way to bring mayhem to our games. If the game doesn’t want to cooperate with our mayhem, we’ll find some way to fix that.
  • We’re always up for a challenge so we’re listening to you for what you want to see.

So far we’ve got a stable of over 30 multiplayer current-gen games (and growing) to work with, and a classic library numbering over one hundred. Add single-player current-gen games to the list and we’re near 200 titles total. In short: we’ll have some variety. Some of our current favorites (as of April 2012) are Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and Rise of Nations, but we’ll be trying out new games regularly.

That’s us folks. Hope you like it.

Hey all, I’m Bud and my pal Will and I are launching this upstart site to share our nonsense with the world. We’ll be doing Livecasts, post-action reports and action replays of our exploits to entertain everyone. We’re going to be candid and blunt so this site may be NSFW so read with discretion. We’ll be making our primary updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Alright, that’s over with. Let’s get to some action!