sims2vs sims3


The Sims has evolved allot since It’s debut in 2000, there’s no debate about that. There’s also next to no debate that The Sims 2 was a better game then the original. The question we’re here to answer today is, is The Sims 3 better then The Sims 2? I’ve got questions and answers on the subject. Let’s get started.

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With the Nintendo 3DS on it’s way soon, I got my first hands-on with on this morning. My first impression was that I really liked the 3D look. I didn’t have high hopes for it’s appearance since I’m not a fan of 3D movies or TVs, but this was a nice change. I took Pilotwings Resort for a spin, using the new analog nub to pilot my avatar’s jet-pack-belt-thing around Wuhu Island. The controls were much better then say, Mario 64 DS was with the d-pad. I enjoyed the 3D experience for a few minutes and could really see myself enjoying one of these.

And then I stepped away for a second, and felt loopy.

It was perhaps the oddest sensation I’ve ever had as a gamer. I was wobbly, my eyes were out of focus and my balance was off. It took me a second or three to get my bearings again. I don’t know if it was me, the system, the game, the lighting, or some mixture of them all, but I was dazed for a short after I played it. Visions of the Virtual Boy came flooding back, with all of the people experiencing headaches and sore eyes after playing it for a while.

The technology was fun,the games looked good and I liked the new controls, but unless that vision and dizziness issue can be solved, I can’t see this thing taking off in a big way, and that’s a disappointment.

I want to make a quick update on the new build’s status. Up to the last minute our Game of the Year award pages have worked fine, but right when we went live an error occurred on all of them, rendering them unreadable. They are currently down for repair, but all other pages seem to be fine. Thanks for coming.