It’s been quite a while since I reviewed San Andreas on the PS2. As a matter of fact, it was but the 3rd review I ever did for I was enamored with the game at the time and gave it a glowing review. I was really surprised with what they were able to do with the series on the PS2, but I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the PC.  Well surprise, surprise; Alphasim has been surprised again, as the PC edition of San Andreas has surpassed it’s inspiration in almost every way. Continue reading

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I think we have a new hit fighting game. I’ve always loved Tekken, and this game isn’t a expectation at all. It’s without a doubt the best one in the series, and could perhaps even hold a candle to Soul Caliber 3 when it comes out as the best Namco game or fighting game, or even maybe best game of the year. Continue reading

It’s spring. The boys of summer have taken the field. Now that 2k Sports has the MLB license, we’re reliant on them to bring the sport to our TVs. Do they succeed? Like an ugly 1-0 scraper, sort of. Continue reading

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Now, I’ll be honest here. I’m not a huge racing fan. But this game was completely different. I knew I wanted this when I saw it. And I regretted not buying it sooner. This game is amazing! Its the perfect racing game, amazing graphics, lightning fast game play, perhaps the best frame rate to date, and a amazing realistic physics engine. Great music as well. And even better, its one of, if not THE ONLY racer with a story! What more could you want? Continue reading

Mario and his pals have played tennis before, and it was a right good time. The N64 edition was a hit, another Ace in the books for Nintendo. People wondered what they were going to do for a Gamecube version. Was it going to be a mere graphical upgrade, or did they have another trick up their sleeves? Well, now that the game is out, I can tell you that it’s definitly Game, Set, and Match for Nintendo. Continue reading

It’s a dog’s life, after all. In this release from Frontier and Hip Games you play a dog, and that means doing what a dog does. And what does a dog do? Well, apparently they traverse vast distances to  thwart dog nappers and get their favorite gal dog back. You play as Jake, a rambuncious dog with an appetite for adventure. You can wander this huge gameworld freely, taking tasks and solving puzzles at will. Solving said puzzles will give you the ability to control other dogs which can do things that Jake can’t. First though, let’s take a good look at the game. Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto. Most of us have played the last two versions, and some of the old schools gamers here have had a romp through the two old PSX versions. Now, the latest edition is upon us. San Andreas, the much-anticipated latest entry to this vaunted series, has a ton of hype to live up to. Like Fable before it, it share the possible fate of being crushed by it’s massive hype. It also shares some other values, but we’ll discuss that later. Did it survive the test? Well, it appears to have survived the hype, and come out better then I expected.

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Fable is a hard-to-review game. You can focus the review on the action sequences, with their magic spells and great weapons; you can focus on the sandbox features, like as adjusting your character’s appearance and getting married; or you can focus on the RPG elements, including the story and character progression. Each of these are good in their own right, but what they combine to create is something completely new and massively captivating. Continue reading